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Revolutionizing the Utility Industry: Highlight from UA Summit 2023

I just attended UA Summit in Kansas City...outstanding opportunity to connect with peers working to revolutionize the industry with the use of data, analytics and new technologies.

What a way to finish UASummit 2023!

Thank you Evergy for sponsoring UAI's Summit!

Evergy's program for Unmanned Systems was the grand finale for UA Summit 2023.

Why use Unmanned Systems? (From Evergy's discussion/presentation)

Safety, above all else, is the biggest driver:

• 50% of workers report being exposed to working at heights or confined space

• 19% said unmanned systems would help mitigate personal risk of a serious workplace injury or fatality

• These numbers will only continue to grow as technology advances

Efficiency is second by generating savings, ROl and opportunity for cost avoidance compared to traditional practices

• Projected up to $920 million annually saved in the

U.S. by using unmanned systems to inspect energy utility infrastructure.

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