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Dr. Vega, a visionary in the realm of data and analytics (D&A), offers organizations a unique opportunity to access top-tier expertise as an On-Demand Chief Data Officer, especially when full-time commitments are economically challenging.


With a multifaceted background spanning public, private, and research sectors, Dr. Vega is poised to guide workforces away from mere clicks and towards profound data-driven thinking. His extensive experience has empowered individuals and organizations to harness the potential of D&A, ensuring a future-proof business strategy. Notably, Dr. Vega has played pivotal roles in shaping D&A solutions across diverse settings, including a global risk management firm, a prestigious Tier 1 Research institution, and the largest municipality-owned electric and gas utility in the nation.

As a seasoned systems expert proficient in data governance, artificial intelligence, and ethical considerations, Dr. Vega orchestrates a dynamic team of data architects, engineers, analysts, and data scientists. Together, they deliver data-driven strategies grounded in practical data governance principles, enabling businesses to transition from reactive to proactive processes. Dr. Vega's team of high-achievers has consistently produced cutting-edge analytics automation tools and processes that have generated substantial value, measured in millions of dollars, for the organizations they have served. Notable achievements include pioneering technologies like outage prediction, vegetation management, renewable energy forecasting, LiDAR and satellite remote inspections, as well as detection software.


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If you're looking for expert data professional services to help you improve your organization's data governance strategy or just pairing your IT or business leaders with analytics augmentation, contact us today to learn how we can help. With our data governance services, you can improve the quality and compliance of your data, leading to increased productivity and profitability for your organization.

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